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Terms and Conditions


The content of this site including all self catering and catered listings, is copy writed and available only to members of www.accommodationincornwall.com.   No part of its content may be used by any other person or company.
The website is a paid for service for the sole use of its members.
Annual payments to 'Southwest Internet Services' (trading as 'Accommodation in Cornwall') are accepted as payment for the full 12 months, no refunds for any part of the 12 months will be made for any cancellation for whatever reason.


Information on this website is provided by members, based on guidelines provided by 'Southwest Internet Services' (trading as 'Accommodation in Cornwall').  However, no guarantee can be made concerning accuracy of information provided, although every effort is made to make the content as accurate as possible. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure the accuracy of the site.  No liable can be accepted for any inaccuracies.

'Southwest Internet Services' (trading as 'Accommodation in Cornwall') can accept no responsibility for any accommodation agreement made by its members. 

Should  'Southwest Internet Services' (trading as 'Accommodation in Cornwall') find that any information provided by any member grossly misrepresents their accommodation or advertisement, we reserve the right to remove that listing.

Members understand that  'Southwest Internet Services' (trading as 'Accommodation in Cornwall') are not liable for any damages whatsoever, regardless of the type of claim, including cancellations, injuries to persons or damages to property including vehicles, any customer with a complaint should contact the respective property owner.